About Us

Neuralgene is a biotechnology company with the focus of developing gene therapy for Neural disorders. Neuralgene’s main development is PRCN-829, an AAV based gene therapy for the treatment of ALS. This gene therapy targets several key underlying mechanisms of ALS. This therapy is designed to target gene delivery to the brain and spinal cord. Neuralgene will be working in conjunction with Helica Labs in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for the production of it’s gene therapy.

PRCN-829 was developed from concepts learned with stem cell treatment of ALS. It was determined that stem cells produce substances that inhibit the process of ALS. The problem with stem cell therapy used alone, though it can be beneficial, it does not seem to have permanent lasting results. This has been shown with several different stem cell treatments in regards to ALS. PRCN-829 was developed to provide the benefits that occur with stem cell therapy, but to amplify and lengthen the effects. The effect of AAV gene therapy last for many years and may actually be lifelong.